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Terrazzo Rect.
by Esther Everaert

Our stunning TERRAZZO RECTANGLE mirror is a captivating fusion of elegance and contemporary design. It’s a colourful and playful mirror with a retro flair. The timeless allure of terrazzo floors, now expertly translated onto an exquisite mirror, a bold statement piece. The vibrant colour palette of mustard yellow, dark orange, dark green and grey-blue add depth and sophistication, creating a visually striking piece that becomes an instant conversation starter. Whether you choose to hang it in your living room, bathroom, bedroom or hallway, this mirror will transform your space into a haven of style and refinement. The roots of terrazzo go way back to Venice in the 15th century. Italian construction workers reused marble fragments to design their own “terraces”. Since then, terrazzo moved out from under our feet to absolutely everywhere. You can hang the Terrazzo mirror in 4 directions and it is also available in a round version.


for Terrazzo Rect.

80 cm

120 cm

2 cm

Net weight
10,5 kg

Material detail
printed and mirrored glass

Customizable from x pieces


Assembly required

Bathroom proof

Esther Everaert

Frame colour


Mirror colour

Suspension accessories
2 x (screw + washer + plug)

Suspension direction
4 directions

7 years

About the designer

Esther Everaert

Esther is the creative drive behind Deknudt Mirrors. She combines design, strategy and technology and aims for a connection on a deeper lever with our customers thanks to well-thought-out, timeless and unseen mirrors.

In her role as head of design at Deknudt mirrors, she coordinates collaborations with our external designers and designs a handful of new mirrors every year.

Esther draws on her passion for craftsmanship, materials and a detailed eye for aesthetics to create mirrors that tell a story and that can be treasured for many years to come. She does this without losing sight of the functionality of her designs, where efficiency in production and assembly are equally important as the aesthetic appeal of a mirror. Seeing ideas come to live and become an integral part of someone’s home is a constant source of motivation in the search of new designs.

Esther Everaert