Mirror fractile


Stunning mirror art for any room

Deknudt Mirrors builds a collection of mirrors, called Collectible, which is an edited collection of exceptional pieces that are timeless Every designed mirror in this range is not just a simple reflective surface rather an outstanding art piece that is no less than a priceless gem that makes any space surrounding it more admirable and sophisticated.

Celebrating artistry and craftsmanship

Our Collectible Collection celebrates the multi-generational skill of Deknudt Mirrors, alongside the vision of today's leading designers. Studio Segers, Maarten De Ceulaer, Louise Mertens, and other artistic designers, leaves an extraordinary and desirable soul which turns each mirror into a precious possession for collectors and devotees of master craftsmanship.

Uniquely designed mirrors: a story of  reflection

Every modern mirror design of the Collectible range is a  summary of the exclusivity. They are reflectors of stories for three generations long  , focusing the light in mirrors to memorialize the history that is as valuable as it is beautiful.

Mirrors as emotive canvases

Deknudt's mirror art isn't just about aesthetics; it's about evoking emotions. A strategically placed, organically shaped mirror can create a sense of serenity in a bustling hallway.  A grand, ornately framed mirror in your entryway sets the stage for an unforgettable first impression. Each piece is a canvas waiting to be included within the story of your space.

Explore the art of Deknudt Mirrors

Step beyond the ordinary and explore the world of Deknudt Mirrors’ art. Let us help you curate a space that reflects not just your surroundings, but the depths of your imagination.  Visit our collection and discover where artistry meets exquisite design