Mirror fractile

Reflecting commitment to the planet

Besides the fact that our mirrors will last for many lifetimes, they are among the most environmentally friendly on the market. The manufacturing process in our own ISO certified, Belgian plant complies with the strictest environmental legislation. We only use the best European glass, which contains 30% recycled materials.   

Furthermore, we do everything possible to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum.  

3800 solar panels

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source which decreases the reliance on traditional, non-renewable energy, such as fossil fuels.    

We invested in 3800 solar panels, which generate enough solar power to cover about 50% of our electricity needs in production.  

25% reduced energy consumption

We managed to reduce our electricity consumption by 25% in the last 3 years. We were able to save around 580.000 kW, the equivalent of the yearly energy consumption of 150 families.  

Strongly reduced water waste 

We catch the heavy metals from the water waste stream in filters and recycle them. Rainwater is filtered to convert it to ultrapure production water. By doing so, we need much less tap water and borehole water.  

In the last 3 years, our tap water consumption decreased by no less than 30%, which is more than 5.000 m³. This equals the yearly water consumption of 170 people.   

Eliminate harmful substances 

We were pioneers in making copper-free mirrors many years ago. The new goal is to produce solvent-free mirrors by 2025.   

We separate the waste products with the utmost care. They are then recycled by renowned waste processors.   

In addition to our internal practices, we are actively engaged in researching and developing innovative, sustainable materials for mirror production. 

People first

We have been producing mirrors at our Belgian plant for 3 generations.  

Every single mirror goes through the hands of our skilled and experienced craftsmen who we proudly refer to as our Master mirror makers. A fantastic mix of young talent and "eminence grise", a solid machine with a 50/50 balance between female and male colleagues. We gather 1674 years of experience in our company and most of our workers start and end their carreer here. Their dedication and precision is the most vital element in the process of making our unseen mirrors.

We have worked hard to create and maintain an environment of respect, where hygiene and safety are always guaranteed.


Since 2021, we have minimized the use of polystyrene and replaced it with 100% recyclable honeycomb cardboard.   

Whenever possible, we send our double-sided bathroom mirrors to customers in re-usable crates or metal boxes.  

Electrical cars and bike leasing  

Since 2022, we implemented an all-electrical policy for new company cars.   

We also offer our employees interesting bike-leasing possibilities to encourage alternatives to traditional commuting methods.