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Master mirror makers

Reflecting great interiors

A Deknudt mirror forms the centre piece of your interior. A mirror contributes to creating the atmosphere which makes you feel at home. It catches and reflects light and so helps you to create the feeling of more space. It highlights your favourite corner in a unique way. It will make you look great before you go out. 


Emerge yourself in our world of mirrors. Five collections will guide you to find that perfect piece you are looking for.


Intriguing mirrors with an aesthetic appeal and a narrative that resonates on an emotional level.

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Unseen mirrors that reflect great interiors and showcase our Master mirror makers’ skills.

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Premium mirrors without frills where form follows function. Customisable according to your wishes.

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Mirrors specifically designed to elevate your bathroom, offering optional magnifying, light and demisting functionalities. Customisable according to your wishes.

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The first design mirror collection specifically developed to withstand all elements. Enlarge your garden or terrace, create a window to catch more light and discover beautiful hidden spaces. Customisable according to your wishes. Discover this collection in our outdoor showroom at Noa Outdoor Living.

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Mirrors that last at least a lifetime

Craftsmanship since 1946

You will find Deknudt Mirrors all over the world, as we deliver to over 60 countries. Since 3 generations, we make our mirrors in our authentic atelier in Deerlijk, a small village in Belgium. Every single mirror goes through the hands of our skilled and experienced craftsmen that we proudly refer to as our Master mirror makers.


We only use the best European glass. Our ISO certified company combines traditional crafts with the most recent technologies to create our collection of unseen mirrors for great interiors.

Go Green

Our mirrors are among the most environmentally friendly on the market. The manufacturing process in our own European ateliers complies with the strictest environmental legislation. Furthermore, we do everything possible to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum. 2000 Solar panels and intensive re-use of water in our production are just 2 examples.

Mirror fractile

Master mirror makers

That's what we call our 100 skilled and experienced craftsmen. A fantastic mix of young talent and "eminence grise", a solid machine with a 50/50 balance between female and male colleagues. We gather 1674 years of experience in our company and most of our workers start and end their carreer here. Their dedication and precision is the most vital element in the process of making our unseen mirrors.

Designers are the heart of our company. From the first pencil sketch to a finished mirror

Next to our in-house designer Esther, we are proud of our many partnerships with international designers such as Studio Segers, Karim Rashid, Julia Dozsa, Maarten De Ceulaer, Laurène Guarneri, Sylvain Willenz, Roberto Paoli, Louise Mertens and others.