Mirror fractile

A family affair

One day in 1946, my grandfather Frans Deknudt decided to make a mirror. A mirror that was more beautiful, more innovative and of higher quality than the ones available on the market at that time. My father Francis took over in 1986 and in 2012, I joined the company as the third generation. We worked together for seven great years and I became CEO in 2019.

No progress without change, and thus we change. 
But our long-term mindset with every partner we work with, will always stay the same. We will always treat our employees, suppliers and customers in a fair, equal and respectful way. We do that by working closely together, by respecting and appreciating each one of 100 employees, by finding the right balance between gut feeling and reason, by combining tradition and experience with true innovation.
Until today we unite functional perfection with unseen designs for great interiors.


Master mirror makers

Our company stands on two legs. One produces premium, made-to-measure, single or double sided mirror doors for bathroom cabinet producers and wholesalers worldwide. The other part develops and produces premium, precision crafted design mirrors. These mirrors are created by our in-house designers or in close and respectful cooperation with international designers.

A well-chosen design mirror makes a big difference in your home. Consciously and unconsciously you will see it every day. It can be the centre piece of your interior and since 2022, we offer solutions for your outdoor living space as well.

Our design mirror library

Inspired by aesthetics and motivated by quality. When it comes to mirrors, we are very pleased to be at your service.