Mirror fractile


Turn your bathroom into a stylish and functional space with our varied collection of bathroom mirrors. Our line, thoughtfully constructed to be an integral part of your everyday life, demonstrates a perfect blend of modern sophistication and usability. Whether it is starting your day with a morning ritual or relaxing time in the evening, our mirrors are more than just mirrors; they are décor pieces that accentuate the appearance of your bathroom.

Illuminate your space: mirrors with integrated lighting

Experience a new level of lighting with our bathroom mirrors with integrated light. These mirrors are multi-functional aside from their aesthetic purpose of delivering warmth and clarity. You can choose between direct and indirect lighting depending on your taste. Direct lighting provides clear illumination as required for detailed tasks such as shaving and makeup application, while soft indirect lighting adds a subtle glow and luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Customizable dimensions and styles for every bathroom

Our mirrors do not come in one size. We realize that each bathroom has its own special measurements and appearance. Because of that, our collection has mirrors that can be tailored to your particular needs. We have the perfect size for even the smallest bathrooms to dramatic, statement pieces for larger spaces. Our customization is not only limited to size; select from different shapes like rectangular, square, or round to compliment the personality of your bathroom.

Fog-free technology for convenience

Our mirrors are not just simple reflective surfaces but have awesome built-in amenities to cater to your needs. Many models in our collection come with heating mats to prevent fogging up your mirror, ensuring clear visibility even after a hot shower.

A mirror for every style and practical requirement

No matter whether you need a plain, simple mirror or a deluxe, feature-rich model, we will definitely have a relevant model for you with a variety of choices and possibilities. Our mirrors do not only reflect in a functional way, but as well as your personal style and sense of class. Pick a bathroom mirror that suits your lifestyle and enhance your every morning session with the experience of luxury and comfort.