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Embracing simplistic elegance in every home

The Essentials Collection is Deknudt Mirrors' homage to the fundamental principles of modern design: minimalistic, simple, and functional. This is a collection of mirrors that are purposely designed to fit in any interior design to offer an aesthetic solution to any wall while providing a platform to showcase one's unique style.

Defining minimalism in its purest form

These mirrors within this collection represent the beauty of simplicity. Straight lines, full length, and less decorative details will show the immaculate beauty of the sculptures, which will look like impressive objects in every room.

Harmonizing design with versatility

The mirror designs in the Essentials collection have been carefully selected to accentuate a multitude of styles, from modern to traditional. They emanate a versatile nature that allows them to merge with different styles of your home and the trends of interior decor that keep changing.

Timeless durability in design

More importantly, the mirrors of the collection feature a classic look and excellent craftsmanship. Made up of quality materials and perfectly placed finishes, these custom mirror pieces will age well and keep on being beautiful.

The serene palette of the Essentials collection

The Essentials collection features a carefully chosen palette of cool neutrals and warm shades. These colors enable the mirrors to either subtly blend into the decor or stand out as bold accents, fostering a sense of peace and cohesion in your home.