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Matin is inspired by dew drops on a magical morning. The designer, Laurène Gaurneri, froze this moment to integrate it into our interiors, allowing us to hold onto the beauty of this wonder.

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Depending on how the light reflects on this stunning mirror, it will change colour just like the sea does. This mirror will make anybody daydream.

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Own silvering line

We cover the best european glass with a thin layer of silver on our own silver conveyor. Our production process is 100% copper- and lead-free. For the silvering, the proportion of all ingredients has to be exact. A large number of parameters need to be monitored closely. Over the past eighty years we have become experts in this field - Master mirror makers.


Spektrum is a typical Karim design, being both artistic and functional. He loves the sensual, tactile shapes which give this mirror a human dimension.

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Geodes means “earth like” in Greek. A perfect name for a design mirror with spherical rocks and crystals. This unique natural gem shimmers in the surface of the mirror.

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Every single mirror goes through the hands of our skilled and experienced craftsmen

Tradition, experience and innovation

Lucka outdoor

The first design mirror collection specifically developed to withstand all elements. Enlarge your garden or terrace, create a window to catch more light and discover beautiful hidden spaces.

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