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Deknudt Mirror Works

Deknudt is an independent and family owned company since 1946. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified. Thanks to our 100% vertically integrated production and testing process, we guarantee premium quality and we built up an excellent reputation. Our core business is the production of double sided mirrors for bathroom cabinet producers and wholesalers worldwide.

Since 3 generations, we make our mirrors in our authentic atelier in Deerlijk, a small village in Belgium. Every single mirror goes through the hands of our skilled and experienced craftsmen that we proudly refer to as our Master mirror makers.

A bespoke approach

We produce premium, made-to measure, single or double sided mirrors. As we export to over 60 countries, there is a Deknudt Mirror in every corner of the world. We can also be your partner for contract business or smaller projects, which have specific needs or require developments.

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Master mirror makers

That's what we call our 100 skilled and experienced craftsmen. A fantastic mix of young talent and "eminence grise", a solid machine with a 50/50 balance between female and male colleagues. We gather 1674 years of experience in our company and most of our workers start and end their carreer here. Their dedication and precision is the most vital element in the process of making our unseen mirrors.

Silvering line

We cover the best european glass with a thin layer of silver on our silver conveyor. Our production process is 100% copper- and lead-free. For the silvering, the proportion of all ingredients has to be exact. A large number of parameters need to be monitored closely. Over the past eighty years we have become experts in this field - Master mirror makers.

Double sided mirrors

We laminate 2 separate mirrors - each of them 3 mm thick - with a thermoplastic paint and transform them into 1 double sided mirror. This perfect bonding guarantees an extremely high durability against corrosion. The double sided mirrors are then bonded with hinge plates so that they can be used as double sided mirror doors in bathroom cabinets. Easy installation for our customers guaranteed.

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Quality control

At the end of the process, the mirrors are extensively washed and double checked. Mirrors with even the smallest imperfections are rejected.


Our waterjet offers almost unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the high-pressure jet and the very precise beam, we can cut out the most complex contours in glass and mirror.

Bonding hinge plates

We specialise in the bonding of the different hinge plates - Blum, Grass and Salice - to the double sided mirrors and glue over 1 million pieces a year. 

Grinding and bevelling

We grind the edges with a diamond wheel in order to have a nice and smooth result. The edges can be flat or pencil-shaped, finishing from mat, smoothed or polished. 

We can offer bevels with a variety of widths and chamfers. This polished bevel gives the finished mirror a beautiful "brilliant" touch.

Cutting glass and mirror

We only buy glass and mirror of the best quality. CNC controlled machines cut these sheets into various sizes, depending upon the further requirements during the production process. The different steps in this process are very delicate and are carried out carefully and precise by our skilled workers.

Screen printing and partial silvering

These techniques integrate nearly any design or pattern into your mirror. They offer lots of possibilities for clear and frosted parts, logo's or symbols. On top of that, the result is much more detailed, colourful and of higher quality than traditionally sandblasted mirrors.