Mirror fractile

Outlet Collection – A combination of innovation and affordability


Unwrapping the mirror outlet collection

Our mirror outlet collection is a must-see for any mirror enthusiast. It showcases the Deknudt Mirrors' signature style, giving people the opportunity to own a unique piece of design. This way, everyone can easily find a mirror that represents their style and gives up nothing in terms of quality or price.


Unlimited possibilities for every room

Whether you are opting for the budget-friendly solution or hunting for that one particular piece to complete the look of your room, the mirror outlet collection literally waits to be your personal oasis. A plethora of shapes, sizes and styles is on offer, from stylish circle mirrors to alluring irregular forms that fare well in any space.

Elegance in home decor

This collection formulates a new understanding that reasonable prices in decoration do not only mean having a great design of home decoration but also the quality of the design is also of a high standard too. In this way, it's an open door into the world of decoration, where you may discover your hidden corners that make your appearance historic and the material you choose will cost you less, making a significant difference.

Unlimited for all spaces and places

If you need a touch of creativity or just searching for that unique piece to complete your room's vogue. The mirror outlet collection has endless options. The design possibilities are limitless with the availability of all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles like trendy ovals, bold irregular forms. Whatever your taste and which space in your house is, there will be a fit.

A special chance to maximize the aesthetics of your spaces

Deknudt Mirrors proposes a new way of shopping – the mirror outlet collection. Here you can get a high-end designer mirror at reasonable rates. Here is your moment to proudly collect a version of the signature style of Deknudt Mirrors, the final touch that breathes thrill and wonder into a room, thereby turning it from the drab to the extraordinary.