Mirror fractile

Reflection of elegance with Deknudt’s rectangular mirrors

Introducing our priceless collection

Appreciate the beauty and the perfect craftsmanship of Deknudt Mirrors. Each piece represents the dedication to the style and the quality, meaning more than mere reflection – it shares the soul of refined living.

A palette of sophistication

Our mirrors are not only reflections, but they are palettes where colors such as classic black, warm copper, and regal gold come to life. Surf through our collection and locate the mirror that is not only fit for your home but gives it a trendy touch.

A commitment to Belgian design in the accord

Each mirror is not an ordinary product of Deknudt Mirrors, but a part of its long and rich history. Picking our rectangular mirror type will bring a classic Belgian design to your home.

The hallmark of an elegant lifestyle

Accept the beauty and flawless smoothness of the rectangular collection. Each mirror demonstrates our commitment to design and craftsmanship, serving as not only a mirror but also the beating heart of an elegant lifestyle.

Tailored elegance to fit your lifestyle

We have something for everyone, with our custom options from the customisable collection, so the collection fits your lifestyle easily. Rectangular wall mirrors are not only accessories, they are the very personifications of your individual taste and design concept.

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