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Circle mirrors: elegance in every round by Deknudt Mirrors


The core of good design is the balance

Deknudt Mirrors’ circle collection is a dedication to harmonious curves and endless luxury. These mirrors with their soft curved lines and round shapes brings a dreamy touch to a room where mostly straight-cut objects are found creating a balance throughout the room.

A symbol of perfection

Circle mirrors give a feeling of being complete and hitting the mark on any decor. Every single piece in the collection of Deknudt Mirrors represents the fact that we create not only very functional but also lovely mirrors that will complement all spaces with just the view of consistency.

The flexibility of a circle

Apart from a round frame that blends in with different kinds of interior decor like in a contemporary style or a traditional one. These mirrors can make any place much more dynamic that by all means makes it feel more open and welcoming.

Shaped to extend colorful concepts at all times

Our circle mirrors collection ranges from neutral colors to rich finishes and can be customized to your style or take on any look that suits you and your home's aesthetics. The range of colors, from sleek white, to deep gold, are all carefully selected for their performance specifications, opting to enhance the reflective quality of the mirror.

Art of Circular Elegance

Having a circle mirror in your decor is a wise decision with artistic desires. The collection features various designs including minimalist frames to elaborate frames to give a real artistic feel and as well as appeal.