Mirror fractile

by Deknudt Mirrors

Thanks to the fact that we silver our mirrors in our own factory, Deknudt Mirrors has the ability to manufacture mirrors printed on the backside (before silvering the glass).But even more impressive is the technology to make mirrors with partially transparent spaces. The designer of this FILL mirror was inspired by the drawings made during phone conversations, when you try to “fill” the paper by making meaningless drawings. Due to the quality of the glass and the real silver in the silvering, this mirror will be an object of awe in every interior, as a sparkling eye catcher reflecting the light from the silvered parts and letting it through at the transparent parts.It adapts itself to every interior, because the background remains visible through the transparent parts. A “beaming” mirror!Due to the simplicity of the concept, the mirror remains accessible for a big audience. 5 mm glass, silvered and partially removed again


for Fill

100 cm

132 cm

2 cm

Net weight
17 kg

Material detail
partially transparent mirrored glass

Customizable from x pieces


Assembly required

Bathroom proof

Deknudt Mirrors

Frame colour


Mirror colour

Suspension accessories
2 x (hook + plug)

Suspension direction
2 directions

2 years

About the designer

Deknudt Mirrors

Our design department at Deknudt Mirrors has defined the market of mirrors since 1946. Beauty and function are combined in our timeless designs that are informed by architecture, history, fashion and art. We challenge our Master mirror makers by introducing new techniques and materials. By pushing our creative and technical skills to its limits, we achieve unseen designs for great interiors.

Our many years of experience working with this magical material make us experts in designing and producing unique mirrors with premium quality. Mirrors hold no secrets for us. We build on our long history and constant curiosity to create new, unseen designs that will lift your interior to another level. We aim to create sophisticated mirrors with longevity and durability by respecting our environment and intriguing our customers with unique designs. Our design can be a bold statement or a subtle touch of elegance in any interior around the world.

Deknudt Mirrors

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