Mirror fractile
Faux Metal Mirror

Faux Metal Mirror
by Deknudt Mirrors

The Faux Mirror collection seems to use different materials in combination with mirrored glass, but does it deceive? Look again, is that really a metal mesh there? And is that beautiful black wood actually there? No. It's a pure deception! The different materials have been graphically juxtaposed with mirror and, as a result, the mirror appears to be reflecting the metal or the wood. The "faux wood" elements are finished in black, the "faux metal" in brick-red.It gives the mirror a texture, but also plays on the partial image of any object reflected in this area, as if a veil were passing in front of the mirror. The mirror can be augmented with an "add on" solid oak table that is fixed to the wall separately. This handy table comes either in natural or in black colored oak, and you decide where exactly to position it. The tables are supplied optionally and can be used to hold small objects such as keys or phones. Other ideas are down to your imagination. This impressively large mirror concept will make an amazing eye catcher in your interior.


for Faux Metal Mirror

103 cm

177 cm

2 cm

Net weight
19 kg

Material detail
printed and mirrored glass

Customizable from x pieces


Assembly required

Bathroom proof

Deknudt Mirrors

Frame colour


Mirror colour

Suspension accessories
2 x (screw + washer + plug)

Suspension direction
2 directions

2 years

About the designer

Deknudt Mirrors

Our design department at Deknudt Mirrors has defined the market of mirrors since 1946. Beauty and function are combined in our timeless designs that are informed by architecture, history, fashion and art. We challenge our Master mirror makers by introducing new techniques and materials. By pushing our creative and technical skills to its limits, we achieve unseen designs for great interiors.

Our many years of experience working with this magical material make us experts in designing and producing unique mirrors with premium quality. Mirrors hold no secrets for us. We build on our long history and constant curiosity to create new, unseen designs that will lift your interior to another level. We aim to create sophisticated mirrors with longevity and durability by respecting our environment and intriguing our customers with unique designs. Our design can be a bold statement or a subtle touch of elegance in any interior around the world.

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