Mirror fractile
Eclipse Set RB

Eclipse Set RB
by Esther Everaert

The ECLIPSE SET stands as a breathtaking masterpiece. It comprises a perfect pair of semi-oval, symmetrical mirrors with meticulously-crafted bevelling around the curved edges. The refracted light from these bevelled facets creates flashes of contemporary charm in your living space as they radiate a play of dazzling reflections.

The magic of the Eclipse mirror is truly brought to life by the addition of lesser semi-circles of exquisite bronze mirror, which seem to float in front of the main surface. This bronzed form infuses depth, character, and a touch of opulence that will elevate any room it graces.

The Eclipse Set is presented as a captivating set of two mirrors. Combine the two halves evenly for a perfectly balanced display or offset them to create movement and a captivating sense of dynamism.

Dare to be distinctive. The Eclipse is not merely a mirror; it's a vision of artistry, style, and creativity. Two halves coming together to create a mesmerizing whole, symbolizing the ideal union. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, or any space where you wish to make a lasting impression.

You can hang it either horizontally or vertically, depending upon your personal preference and interior space.



for Eclipse Set RB

181 cm

200 cm

3 cm

Net weight
46 kg

Material detail
bronze and clear mirrored glass

Customizable from x pieces

Roche Bobois Exclusive

Assembly required

Bathroom proof

Esther Everaert

Frame colour


Mirror colour

Suspension accessories
2 x (screw + washer + plug)

Suspension direction
1 direction

7 years


instruction manual

3D model

About the designer

Esther Everaert

Esther is the creative drive behind Deknudt Mirrors. She combines design, strategy and technology and aims for a connection on a deeper level with our customers thanks to well-thought-out, timeless and unseen mirrors.

In her role as head of design at Deknudt mirrors, she coordinates collaborations with our external designers and designs a handful of new mirrors every year.

Esther draws on her passion for craftsmanship, materials and a detailed eye for aesthetics to create mirrors that tell a story and that can be treasured for many years to come. She does this without losing sight of the functionality of her designs, where efficiency in production and assembly are equally important as the aesthetic appeal of a mirror. Seeing ideas come to live and become an integral part of someone’s home is a constant source of motivation in the search of new designs.

Esther Everaert