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Discover how Raionul de Peste transformed its restrooms

Introduction to Raionul de Peste Restaurant

Raionul de Peste, a distinguished seafood restaurant, offers its patrons a unique dining experience that encapsulates the essence of the ocean. Known for its creative presentations and quality ingredients, the restaurant aims to immerse guests in a thematic ambiance that complements its culinary expertise.

Challenge: enhancing thematic ambiance in the restroom area

Raionul de Peste faced the challenge of extending its oceanic theme beyond the main dining area to include the restrooms, which are often overlooked in thematic design. The goal was to create a restroom environment that not only echoed the restaurant's marine concept but also elevated the customer experience through design and functionality.


Solution: integrating the Scoopy Light Blue Mirror

To meet this challenge, Raionul de Peste chose the Scoopy Light Blue mirror from Deknudt Mirrors for its restroom facilities. These mirrors, characterized by their unique droplet shape and ambient blue lighting, perfectly aligned with the underwater theme of the restaurant. The Scoopy Light Blue mirrors were installed above each wash basin, set against a backdrop of mosaic tiles that resemble the shimmering qualities of water.



The thoughtful incorporation of the Scoopy Light Blue mirrors into the restroom design at Raionul de Peste showcases the restaurant's commitment to a holistic thematic experience for its customers. By turning a typically utilitarian space into an extension of the main dining area’s theme, the restaurant has set a new standard in design coherence and customer engagement. This case study exemplifies how attention to detail in all customer-facing aspects of a business can enhance the overall brand experience and satisfaction.

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