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Breathtaking decorative mirrors for every room

At the heart of our philosophy lies a dedication to not just creating mirrors, but sculpting pieces of art that reflect the essence of sophistication and the uniqueness of our patrons. Each collection we offer is a tribute to the nuanced individuality of personal spaces and the people within them. With an array of collections ranging from the timeless allure of our Collectible series to the pragmatic beauty of the Bathroom mirrors, we've curated an array that promises something for every connoisseur of elegance.

Signature pieces crafted by visionary designers

Our design journey is intertwined with the creative minds of renowned designers like Studio Segers, Louise Mertens, and Karim Rashid, among others. These visionaries infuse their distinct aesthetic sensibilities into each piece, crafting mirrors that are both a celebration of their creative visions and a reflection of your taste. Inge Rylant's creations will speak to your penchant for modern minimalism, while Maarten De Ceulaer's designs are sure to resonate with your love for organic forms.

Shapes that speak volumes

The silhouette of a mirror can dramatically alter the dialogue between space and decor. From the classic elegance of rectangular mirrors to the contemporary boldness of square ones, the geometry is as diverse as it is distinctive. Circular mirrors bring a softness and continuity to spaces, while oval ones elicit an air of vintage charm. For those who dare to defy conventions, our irregular-shaped mirrors are an ode to the avant-garde.

A palette of colors to reflect your mood

Color is the language of the soul, and our mirrors speak it fluently. Whether you're drawn to the depth of black, the purity of white, the warmth of brown, or the luster of gold, our color range is crafted to harmonize with your home's palette. For the bold, we have mirrors in copper tones that stand out as vibrant centerpieces, while our green-hued pieces bring in a touch of serenity.

In weaving together this tapestry of artistry, our mirrors become more than mere objects; they become storytellers of your home's narrative. Join us in this reflective journey where each mirror is a window to a world of elegance.