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A durable elegance for your bathroom


Introducing bathroom proof Mirrors by Deknudt

At Deknudt Mirrors, we present the bathroom proof mirrors, which is a special collection that have been carefully selected to be able to withstand the specific challenges of wet environments. The mirrors are a symbol of resilience standing for the elegance and refinement that is Deknudt's trademark making them a perfect fit for any bathroom

Designed for strength and chicness

Each mirror in the Bathroom Proof Collection has durability at the core of its design. This is achieved using materials and finishes that are moisture-resistant to prolong functionality. Showers with steam and sink splashes do not cross out such mirrors. These mirrors are both functional and decorative ones.

Advances in bathroom proof mirrors

Next to our decorative mirrors, this collection also includes mirrors featuring fog-free mirrors and LED lighting to improve their functionality and comfort. These innovations allow keeping the mirror shiny and in good condition no matter how wet the air is and even create a well-lit space for daily tasks.

Adaptive for every style

The bathroom proof collection is meant to make it possible to get mirrors that match any style or size of a bathroom. From modern frames that suit minimalist interiors to more intricate products that suit traditional bathrooms, mirrors can be found under every taste.

Ramp Up Your Bathroom Experience

The bathroom proof mirrors collection brings a new dimension to the bathroom experience by adding functionality and luxury to it. These mirrors aren't just about reflection; they are about a place where you can have your perfect style coexisting with the functionality of your bathroom and turning every moment into a luxurious experience.