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Restaurant Messeyne transformed its ambiance with Finestra Deco mirror

Introduction to Restaurant Messeyne

Nestled in the heart of Belgium, Restaurant Messeyne offers a unique dining experience that marries traditional and modern French cuisine. Under the leadership of Chef Klaas Lauwers, who honed his skills at the prestigious Hof van Cleve, the restaurant is renowned for its commitment to seasonal dishes where high-quality ingredients shine.

Solution: Integrating the Finestra Deco Mirror at Hotel Messeyne

To address this challenge, Restaurant Messeyne chose to integrate the Finestra Deco mirror from Deknudt Mirrors, a piece known for its elegant design and reflective beauty. Positioned strategically above the fireplace in the dining area, the mirror’s fragmented design not only amplifies the space’s natural light but also adds a contemporary touch to the restaurant’s classic decor.


Result: A transformed dining experience

The installation of the Finestra Deco mirror has transformed the dining experience at Restaurant Messeyne. The mirror’s ability to scatter light across the room creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that enhances evening dining. Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of the mirror has become a talking point among guests, adding to their overall experience and satisfaction. The subtle integration of modern design elements like the Finestra Deco mirror has successfully elevated the restaurant’s ambiance, making each meal not just a culinary journey but also a visual delight.



The thoughtful addition of the Finestra Deco mirror at Restaurant Messeyne exemplifies how subtle decor enhancements can significantly impact the dining environment. By blending traditional elements with modern design, the restaurant continues to offer a top-tier dining experience, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of French cuisine in a beautifully curated setting.