Mirror fractile

Creating a Focal Point in a Minimalist Space

One of the main challenges in minimalist interior design is maintaining an engaging environment without clutter. The spaces in the Caap project needed a centerpiece that would draw the eye and enhance the area without overwhelming it, aligning with the overall design philosophy of simplicity and elegance.

Solution: Incorporating the Loop Mirror

The design team selected the Loop mirror from Deknudt Mirrors to address this challenge. The Loop mirror, known for its sleek, rounded design and simple black frame, fits perfectly within the minimalist theme of the Caap project. It was strategically placed in the dining area to serve both as a functional piece and as an artistic focal point. The mirror’s rounded edges and reflective surface add depth and dimension to the space, enhancing the natural light and giving the area a more open feel.



Results: Enhanced aesthetics and spatial perception

The introduction of the Loop mirror into the dining area of the Caap project brought immediate benefits. Its placement not only beautified the space but also created an illusion of increased area, making the compact dining zone feel more expansive. The mirror’s ability to reflect both natural and artificial light brightened the area, enhancing daytime and evening ambiance. It also became a subtle yet striking feature that complemented the other elements of the room’s decor, such as the wooden table, modern stools, and decorative items on the console.



The use of the Loop mirror in the Caap project exemplifies how a single, well-chosen accessory can transform a space. It reinforced the project's minimalist aesthetic while adding functionality and depth to the living area. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of thoughtful design choices in achieving a balance between beauty and practicality in contemporary living spaces.