Mirror fractile

Mirror furniture: where design meets magic by Deknudt Mirrors


Introducing class with every piece

Deknudt Mirrors introduces the magic of the mirror into the world of furniture design with the Mirror Furniture Collection. This collection combines the utilitarian with the magical, recycling ordinary furniture into captivating focal points whose purpose is to make the most of lighting and space in all environments.


A blend of expertise and visual enjoyment

All mirrors  from the mirror furniture collection represent the attempt to create a unity between practical and artful. These tables vary from capacious console tables to immersive side tables and decorative elements to complement every design. This collection will complement your home.

Make space bond with our mirror furniture

Mirror furniture has that glamorous feature on the one hand where it can magnify the impression making the spaces look larger and on the other hand it can also illuminate the environment making the spaces tending to be brighter. Through the reflection of light and the environment which surrounds them, each of these pieces add up one more amazing dimension that creates a room full of depth , vibrancy and beauty.

Skill meets modern design

The mirror furniture demonstrates the activity about craftsmanship and current design by Deknudt Mirrors. Each mirror is tailored to both be effective as the one who used it and to be the one to stand out as a piece of art, interacting with modern trends of interior design while keeping in touch with classic elegance.

Refresh your home with light and reflection

Adding mirror furniture to your home interior is a creative way to modernize your home. They are more than just furniture: they are practical elements with mirror abilities, to bring style to your home. Enrich each room and make it more open, luxurious and comfortable.