Mirror fractile

LED mirrors collection – a fusion of technology and artistry


A glamor in every design

The mirrors in the LED collection are style statements in themselves. They provide that avant garde atmosphere that is perfect for any decor or room design. The range begins from the subtlest to the most elaborate ones that are combined with energy-saving LED lamps; these lamps give out soft rays that serve to transfigure the space with lights which are flattering.

Functional art: more than just decoration

LED mirrors are not just decorative products, they are functional art pieces that really make your space stand out. It is ideal for bathrooms, dressing rooms, or any place that needs light, as this mirror not only provides shade but also precision, so that daily routines such as makeup application or shaving are easier and more enjoyable.

A sea of shades and shapes

When it comes to variety, our LED mirrors collection has it all―a combination of shapes and sizes, so there is a piece to fit every need and space. It could be that you prefer timeless designs of rectangular mirrors or contemporary shapes of round ones, we have them all to brighten up and stimulate your space.

Consistent LED lighting

Our LED mirrors feature consistent lighting, providing a steady and reliable light source. This makes them not only functional tools but also elegant additions to your interior decor, enriching your home with beautiful ambiance.

A fusion of two important art disciplines

The range of LED mirrors from Deknudt Mirrors is where art has been taken up to new heights with the use of technology. These mirrors not only add to your home, they are the declarations of being state-of-art designs and innovation, the brightness and elegance it brings to your daily life.