Mirror fractile

Irregular mirrors collection – modest chic by Deknudt Mirrors


Explore the world of Deknudt Mirrors' irregular collection

Deknudt Mirrors' irregular mirrors collection is a celebration of uniqueness and originality. You will see unconventional mirrors that break the pattern of symmetry and celebrate the beauty of novelistic forms. Each item is a fine example of a stunning creative piece, intended to amaze.


A Canvas for artistic expressio

They are created under the supervision of visionary designers and can be seen as canvases for artistic expression. They are not only reflections but mirrors that display the daring viewpoints of modern design and the character of the owners.

The collection of textures and tone

Deknudt Mirrors’ irregular collection, where the texture and color of the mirrors are varied. Whether it's the simple elegance of finishes to the bright reflections of polished surfaces, these mirrors will add variety and interest to any room.


Transform your space with unique pieces

A fantastic view from this collection could flip everything as it may serve as a direct passage into the world of the extraordinary. Its eccentric form and design might possibly change space's perception and at the same time, spice up the whole visual space of home.


A world of charm

Ovals, squares, or irregular mirrors - pick your favorite to break free from the rules, and create a sacred space where you always want to feel. It’s an open door that can lead you to a new perspective of your living place. It can be an opportunity to brighten up the places that define you and your personal style.