Mirror fractile

Square Mirrors with symmetry and style


The core of good design is the balance

Symmetry and balance are the two key elements that the square collection brings to any room. These mirrors are precisely cut to demonstrate the eternal magic of the square form.


An artistic mirror reflecting on life

Every single square mirror resembles an artist's canvas where designers like Studio Segers, Louise Mertens, ... express their artistic vision. Those mirrors are not intended to make a replica of your face, but rather to reflect the image of present-day design into the place where you live or work.

Motion of the stripes brightens up the room

The classic shape of the square mirror makes it very versatile in design. Whether it is a bold and quirky edge or an intricate, detailed one, that mirror blends into every kind of decor, from minimalist to the most sophisticated.


Square mirrors for every taste

Our square mirrors are filled with multiple colors and various finishes. With such a variety of relatively understated achromatic shades, like matt black, as well as warm tones, like brushed gold, each mirror becomes an opportunity to add a new type of textural and chromatic dimension to your living room.


Precision designed for every setting

Perfect for your wall in the living room or even practical use in your bathroom, our assorted square mirrors are crafted with precision. Besides just being utilitarian items, artworks also bring a special touch of mood or atmosphere to the space that it occupies.

A square beauty: a statement

Integrate a square mirror from Deknudt Mirrors while expressing your adoration for the geometry and an acknowledgment of the contemporary design rules. Each mirror is a masterpiece in itself, featuring a stunning design that perfectly blends sharp lines and fierce symmetry to pull both attention and eye.