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Oval mirrors – Stylish curves by Deknudt Mirrors


The comfort of oval mirrors

Deknudt Mirrors launched the collection, oval mirrors with the main theme being the everlasting beauty of round angles and curved shapes. These frames reproduce both the classical and modern styles that add softness of the shape. That creates a perfect harmony in opposition to the straight lines in today's interiors.

Craftsmanship meets flowing design

Each mirror from our oval collection has been made by experienced craftsmen, who were guided by designers such as Karim Rashid and Clémence van den Haute who cares about art as a flow and the elegance of curved lines. Such artworks become additional architectural elements, introduced into the room and enriching it with curtain-like smoothness.

An adaptable style that goes well with different interior designs

The main characteristic of oval mirrors which has made them universally popular is their versatility. The oval mirrors give a mix and match with the interior of a bedroom, a sitting area or even a living room where their soft rounded edges add to the general mood.

A style to complement every preference

The oval mirrors are available in various styles and finishes from which can be selected to meet everybody's preferences of style and colors. By simple framing or detailed complexities, the collection is there to match your personal preference, and give you the sophisticated quality and refinement you seek.

A fusion of tradition and modernity

Each oval mirror is a reminder of old-world craftsmanship alongside the latest trends in interior decor. The mirrors represent the rich history of the brand and the heart of the latest design movements in each living space where they are displayed.