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Dragon Silver
by Deknudt mirrors

DRAGON is part of a beautiful collection of mirrors with an impressive polyurethane frame. These frames are light, produced in 1 piece and never influenced by humidity. Dragon is a mirror that demands to be looked at. A mirror that wants to be big and beautiful. Thanks to outstanding decoration and classical shape, it is a real seducer. An eye catcher for your interior. Deknudt Mirrors is playing with colour and shape in this design. The big rectangular frame is textured and gets an irregular structure. Do you see a knotty dragon skin? Or is it merely an impression? The silver metal leaf with patina enhances this illusion and gives the light random play. The Dragon mirrors are majestic in shape and subtly surprising in their finish.


for Dragon Silver

116 cm

140 cm

5 cm

Net weight
26 kg

Material detail
mirrored glass + synthetic frame + hand applied silver metal leaf

Customizable from x pieces

Signature Pieces

Assembly required

Bathroom proof

Deknudt Mirrors

Frame colour


Mirror colour

Suspension accessories
2 x (screw + washer + plug)

Suspension direction
2 directions

7 years

About the designer

Deknudt mirrors

Our design department at Deknudt Mirrors has defined the market of mirrors since many years. Beauty and function are combined in our timeless designs that are informed by architecture, history, fashion and art. We challenge our Master mirror makers by introducing new techniques and materials. By pushing our creative and technical skills to its limits we achieve unseen designs that can be treasured for many years to come.

Our many years of experience working with this magical material make us experts in designing and producing unique mirrors with premium quality. Mirrors hold no secrets for us. We build on our long history and constant curiosity to create new, unseen designs that will lift your interior to another level. We aim to create sophisticated mirrors with longevity and durability by respecting our environment and intriguing our customers with unique designs. Our design can be a bold statement or a subtle touch of elegance in any interior around the world.

Deknudt mirrors