8 reasons why you should work with deknudt mirrors

1. You work with a very international company
Export to 60 countries and a worldwide sales network at your service. Send an email to info@deknudtmirrors.com and you will be helped in 4 languages. 

2. You will definitely find what you are looking for
We offer a complete product range. A combination of mirrors comprising many produced in-house with a selection from the worldwide offer. A total number of almost 300 types of mirrors. Hip, modern or timeless: with us, you will definitely find what you are looking for. 

3. You are served quickly
Our supply is carefully planned. On average we have 85% of our collections in stock. In this way, we are able to deliver our products on the short term. 

4. A guarantee of 7 years
The mirrors that we produce in our own design ateliers are of absolute top quality. In this catalogue, they are marked with a star symbol meaning it is a European product with 7 years of warranty. We therefore feel very secure about the 7 years of guarantee on silvering and decoration that we grant our customers. 

5. Adjusted to all of your personal wishes
A lot of our mirrors  can be customised. You can recognize them in this catalogue by the logo . A bit bigger or smaller? Shorter or longer? Or maybe another finish? We are happy to adjust our mirrors to your personal wishes or your project.  

6. You buy an ecological product
Every mirror that we produce ourselves complies with the strict European environmental legislation. But we go further. We are continuously looking for and finding ways in order to reduce our environmental footprint. If you buy a product from us, you can be sure of it that it is ecological. 

7. You can easily retrieve everything on our website
On www.deknudtmirrors.com you can take a look at any mirror from our three collections in just a few clicks and access the accompanying technical information. On the website you also have the opportunity to download our digital catalogue, look for mirrors on the basis of the wanted size, read news press releases and watch videos about Deknudt Mirrors. In short: a wealth of information, that allows you to make the right choice.  

8. You are in beautiful company
Our mirrors brighten up many interiors worldwide, including the ones of numerous renowned hotel chains such as  Marriot, Hilton and Kempinski.