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No bathroom is complete without a mirror. Make the most of your morning routine with a bathroom mirror with integrated lighting in your bathroom. In addition to such mirrors as

the B.Light and B.Ambi bathroom mirrors, this collection also features all the standard mirrors that you can install in your bathroom without having to worry about rust or moisture. The majority of this collection can be made to measure and cut to size as of 1 unit. All our products come with a 7-year corrosion warranty.

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    Why should you consider a bathroom mirror with integrated lighting?

    On average, we spend 45 minutes in front of a mirror every day. Brushing our teeth, combing our hair or applying make-up. So it’s vital that you can look at yourself in a qualitative mirror, with the right properties and good lighting. Get the right bathroom mirror with LED lighting and you will no longer need a separate make-up mirror. You can choose from direct or indirect lighting. Direct lighting means the light is fitted on the front of the mirror. Indirect lighting means the mirror is back-lit, for a more luxurious look.

    The integrated lighting means you can always see the right details in the right light in your mirror. Other lighting often creates annoying shadows or contours that do not give you a fair idea of what you see.

    Why should I choose a mirror cabinet?

    When choosing a bathroom mirror, you should also think about whether you just want an individual mirror or a mirror cabinet. They both have their pros and cons. Do you prefer a very compact and practical bathroom design? Then a mirror cabinet, with integrated lighting if you wish, is probably the best option. It has a great deal of storage space and you can choose a style that is consistent with the rest of your bathroom design. If you have enough space, you should probably get the double-sided variant.

    An individual wall mirror is a good option for people who prefer to keep a good overview. This type of mirror does not have any storage space, making it a cheaper option. An individual mirror adds a balanced and minimalist touch to your bathroom design.

    What’s the point of a bathroom mirror with integrated lighting if it fogs up?


    At Deknudt Mirrors, we are keenly aware of this frequent problem: your bathroom mirror fogs up while you shower preventing you from seeing anything in it. What’s more, this causes annoying streaks when you wipe of the moisture. Some of the bathroom and make-up mirrors in our collection are fitted with smart heating mats. They ensure that your mirror will never fog up so you can use it the minute you step out of your shower. The mirrors are also fitted with a discreet sensor to switch the light on or off. So they don’t consume electricity unnecessarily.

    Which bathroom mirror has caught your eye? How difficult is it to install a mirror with integrated lighting? Ask our employees for advice using the contact form or call us at +32 56 735 511.