Being innovative is a state of mind and a continuous process. A couple of examples. 
No need to say that all our mirrors are made of the best European glass, silvered in our own factory and manufactured according to the strict European social and ecological legislation.

The ME2 Mirror reflects the front and back of the body at once and eliminates our main physical limitations as a result. Style your hair, shave neck hair, clasp on a chain... all this is now possible with no effort: unadulterated bathroom comfort!
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Functional Light
The first bathroom mirror with real functional light

A bathroom mirror with very functional, warm and bright LED-light. It makes all other light sources near the mirror redundant. Low energy consumption, IP44 and long life. Personalized dimensions possible.

Integrated LED-Light

Double sided mirror with integrated LED-Light

The double sided bathroom mirror with integrated LED-light and only 7 mm of thickness gives your bathroom a stylish and elegant look. Unseen design for your high end bathroom.

Integrated Oled Light
Oled light

This is a double sided bathroom mirror with integrated functional OLED-light and only 7 mm of thickness. It provides a complete illumination near the mirror. Low energy consumption and long life.

Anti-Fog Mirror
Anti-fog mirror

A double sided mirror with integrated heat mat (total thickness 6 mm) allows an immediate clear view in the mirror after your hot shower.

Safety mirror
 Safety mirror

Double sided mirror with integrated safety film. The integrated safety film keeps pieces of mirror in place in case of shock or rupture.