Deknudt Mirror Works produces bathroom mirrors for bathroom cabinet producers worldwideIt is a totally independent, family owned company, located in Deerlijk, Belgium. It was founded in 1946 and refines glass in a 100 % vertically integrated production process. 
Our main customers are European manufacturers of bathroom furniture and cabinets...and of course our sister company Deknudt Mirrors, who sells the decorative mirrors.
You can also contact us for hotelprojects and projects with specific needs and requirements for safety purposes.
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Our objectives and values
   .  the very best quality standards (EN ISO 9001: 2008 label)
   .  innovative products
   .  flexible made-to-order and quick deliveries
   .  great respect for our employees and a pleasant atmosphere
   .  systematic and honest contact with our customers
   .  great concern for our environment: we only work with green energy

Single sided mirrors, double sided mirrors and mirror doors

   .   standard 2 to 8mm or combinations (2+2 mm, 3+3 mm, 4+4 mm, 2+4 mm)
   .   with clear and/or frosted parts
   .   with screen printed elements such as logo's, frames...
   .   with incorporated magnifying mirror
   .   publicity mirrors
   .   double sided mirror door with integrated LED lighting
   .   double sided mirror door with heating element

Frames with specific styling, injected in polyurethane upon customers request.

Activities of our company
 .   silvering glass, focussing on double sided mirror doors
   .   screen printing (both on glass as on mirror)
   .   various ways of finishing such as flat edges, pencil edges, bevelling
   .   bonding of metal components on glass and/or  mirrors
   .   convert polyurethane into decorative mirror frames and/or into various objects

Cutting huge glass plates
Screen printing
own silvering
Bonding metal components
Polyurethane injection