Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Deknudt mirror? 

Are you looking for a Belgian dealer? Please check our dealer locator. For other countries, contact our sales team.

How do I install my mirror?

All mirrors include mounting hardware. Please note that the screws/hooks and plugs supplied with the mirror are only suitable for SOLID WALLS. Use the provided suspension points. Never connect these together.

Click here to watch our instruction videos and discover the different suspensions systems.

How do I install my leaning mirror mirror?

Use the wall plug, hook and chain to install the mirror leaning against the wall. Attach the chain to the back of the mirror and to the hook placed in the wall. Use the anti-slip tape to protect the bottom of the mirror and prevent the mirror from sliding.

Click here to watch our instruction video and discover the different suspensions systems.

What if my order is damaged? 

We regret you may have received a damaged mirror. In order to treat your service request as efficiently as possible, download this document and follow the instructions. 

How do I clean my mirror?

The best way to clean your mirror is to polish it with a cloth that was slightly moistened with hot water. Then rub it dry and your mirror will shine like it used to. You should avoid the use of glass cleaning products. They are too aggressive for the reflecting layer of silver.

What about storage and labelling?

Store the mirrors in an upright position and in the original packaging. Do not stick any labels on to the frame of the mirror. Attach them to the mirror glass instead. This will allow you to peel off the label more easily.

Can a mirror be customized?

We can customize any mirror in our collection dependant on the quantity ordered. This quantity varies by model and for some we can customize just a single piece. Click here to discover this collection. For other models please check the specifications on the product page or see the   Image title   symbol in our catalogue where X is the minimum quantity needed to customize that model.

Send us your required dimensions & mirror type and we we'll send you prices and delivery term.

Simple pieces of mirror without any decoration or frame are not our core business. For those requests please contact your local glass merchant.