Enter our 2 exclusive worlds

We offer you a complete product selection, ranging from decent, no-nonsense bathroom mirrors to absolute signature pieces and anything in between. Please allow us to briefly introduce our two collections.

Our Deknudt Mirrors collection contains the mirrors that are all designed and  manufactured in our European workshops, with respect for our people and for the earth. Trendy, original and high-quality mirrors that are beautiful to look at.
This collection was made in our own workshops. It guarantees that this is a mirror of European quality and that it convincingly complies with all the social and environmental legislations. And because we have 100% control over the mirror, we offer a guarantee of seven years.
Mimic is our selection of mirrors from the worldwide offer. Young and decorative, modern or traditional. We build long-term relations with our overseas partners and aim not only to maintain but to constantly improve our quality. The result: a collection of mirrors offering great value for money at competitive prices.