About Us

About Us
Mirrors have been the passion of Deknudt Mirrors since 1946.
They are created through a mixture of expertise, impressive ideas and high-quality materials.
Deknudt Mirrors has that know-how: after all, you can only have a sparkling reflection when an
ultra-fine layer of silver is deposited on perfectly flawless glass.
Pure Belgian craftsmanship.

Deknudt Mirrors has its own in-house design team, but also engages external designers wherever
required.  Designers who can not only perfectly exploit the latest trends, but who also have the courage to go beyond them.
Deknudt Mirrors is a global leader with diverse collections that show its mastery, creativity and
You will certainly find a mirror that reflects your personality and perfectly matches your interior.
A mirror by Deknudt Mirrors is a friend for life.  It survives for generations without ever losing its value.